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Introducing Science & Design

I'm happy to share with you the next steps in my career! I've started a non-profit (501(c)(3) focusing on product development for the public good. Check us out, and if you can, support our mission!

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Recent Work


Einstein Search

🏅 2 US Patents Granted, 1 Pending

UI & UX design, usability research, and content for Einstein Search - a new Salesforce search experience with rich and actionable instant results, query predictions, personalized relevance, and so much more.

Read about Einstein Search on ZDNet

Einstein Search dialog with a typeahead result preview.


Financial Services for Slack

User research, wireframing, storyboarding, conversational design, and UX for Financial Services Cloud's official Slack app.

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Financial Services Cloud app for Slack.


Einstein Voice Assistant

VUI, UI, & UX design, usability research, and marketing assets for the Einstein Voice Assistant - a predictive, conversational, and turn-taking voice work assistant.

Read about Einstein Voice on TechCrunch

Einstein Voice Assistant home screen.


A responsive & visual design update to DDoSecrets, including typography, color, and layout across multiple breakpoints. Originally the Vector skin from MediaWiki.

Visit DDoSecrets

DDoSecrets article page showing the BlueLeaks entry.


UI, UX, CX, and visual design for CalyxOS. UI, HTML, CSS, visual design, and content for the public website.

Visit the CalyxOS website

CalyxOS website and app view of the homescreen and security settings.


UI, UX, CX, evaluative research, and visual design for OnionShare's mobile and desktop apps. UI, HTML, CSS, visual design, and content for the public website.

Visit the OnionShare website

Onionshare website and desktop app.


UI, UX, CX, and app-store assets for Signal's first desktop app redesign.

Visit the Signal website

Signal desktop app.

Public Interest

World Economic Forum

Panel discussion and collaboration on redesigning data privacy for better notice and consent.

View the Whitepaper PDF

Harvard & New America

Panel discussion and colloboration on understanding data privacy protections across industries.

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About Me

Glenn's ugly mug.

Glenn is a product designer and user researcher that's spent over a decade building products at scale for a leading Fortune 500. His work has led to setting industry design standards, US patents, and invitations to collaborate with organizations and institutions like New America, Harvard, and the World Economic Forum. For nearly the same time, he provided pro-bono services to organizations like The Calyx Institute, Signal, OnionShare, EFF, and The Tor Project.

Contact Me

If you'd like more information on any of the projects above, have something you'd like to collaborate on, or if you're a recruiter with a great opportunity, contact me using one of these channels: