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Data-informed product design improving digital productivity, security, and privacy for people.

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Recent Work


Einstein Search

UI & UX design, usability research, and content for Einstein Search - a new Salesforce search experience with rich and actionable instant results, query predictions, personalized relevance, and so much more.

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Einstein Voice Assistant

VUI, UI, & UX design, usability research, and marketing assets for the Einstein Voice Assistant - a predictive, conversational, and turn-taking voice work assistant.

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CalyxOS Website

UI, UX, front-end code, CX, visual design, and IA for the CalyxOS website.

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UI, UX, CX, and visual design for CalyxOS system settings, native apps, and stock backgrounds.

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OnionShare Website

Front-end code, UI design, and content for OnionShare's website - a place where users can download the app and learn more about the project.

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UI & UX design, content, and app store assets for the OnionShare desktop app - an open-source tool that lets you securely and anonymously share files, host websites, and chat with friends using the Tor network.

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Normal Security

Front-end code, UI design, and content for Normal Security - a beginner's guide to improving your digital privacy and security.

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UI & UX redesign, content, and app-store assets for the first Signal desktop app - the companion to the Signal private messaging mobile app.



Custom Preview Interface for Search Results


Preview and take action on typeahead search results from anywhere in an application.

Driving Application Experience via Configurable Search-Based Navigation Interface


A typeahead search interface that can render a preview of any data.

Methods and Apparatus for Presenting Search Results According to a Priority Order Determined by User Activity


Personalized search results based on how you use Salesforce.

User Interface for Polymorphic Lookup


An interface for modifying the object to be searched in a lookup field.

Query classification alteration based on user input


Modify the criteria that a natural language query applies for its resultset.


World Economic Forum

Panel discussion on redesigning data privacy for better notice and consent.

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Harvard & New America

Panel discussion on understanding data privacy protections across industries.

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Presentation of the Einstein Voice Assistant mobile experience.


A Private Google Camera with CalyxOS & Datura Firewall

June 20, 2021

Modern phone cameras are amazing. Shallow depth of field, wide-angle, nighttime photography... 🤤 For CalyxOS users, the camera that ships by default isn't the camera that you'd find on stock Android. Users that want the most up-to-date Google Camera app will need to download it from...

Turn your phone into a Tor hotspot with CalyxOS and Orbot

June 27, 2021

I like to tinker with Raspberry Pis - small, inexpensive, and powerful computers that run Linux - for different projects. I run a Tor relay from one, use another for a Pi-Hole, and have used others for web servers, weather stations, and one of my favorite projects, a Tor-powered wifi hotspot. The teams at The Guardian Project & The Calyx Institute took that last idea, simplified the heck out of it, and brought it to the phone. We'll walk through how to set it up on CalyxOS...


Tor Project

Paul Syverson & Griffin Boyce

A collaboration to create a proof-of-concept for onion binding, a technique for increasing trust in web authentication. Published in IEEE.

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About Me

I'm Glenn, a Principal Product Designer with agency, freelance, startup, and enterprise experience. Helping people improve their digital productivity, security, and privacy is a passion that I pursue through my work at Salesforce and by actively contributing to the open-source community. I'm a graduate of Virginia Tech and a Marine Corps veteran 🎖. Currently, I'm focused on creating products for Financial Services at Salesforce. I've previously led the UX on products like the Einstein Voice Assistant, Einstein Search and global search patterns, Identity, Authentication, and other Platform solutions. When I'm not working, you can find me 🏕 ️🚴‍♂️ 🧗 🧭 🍳 🍅 🥕 🕺 🐶 💻.

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