App Launcher

The App Launcher is the central access point to connected apps, different accounts, navigational elements & important links. Users can personalize their app layout and search for apps from anywhere in the product.

Salesforce Safe Harbor Statement

The global affordance for the App Launcher is in the header of the app, and when clicked the user is presented with recently used apps and a shortcut to search for apps outside of that list.

The app launcher loads in a modal with groups of apps, Salesforce entities and other important similar types of content. Users can drag and drop their apps into the order they want, and easily search everything in the App Launcher.

Drag and drop is an easy way for people to quickly rearrange their apps. After dropping the tile into it's new place the user will see a successful toast message.

As the user types, the list of apps and entities starts to filter. Matching characters are highlighted in yellow to make it easy to quickly find relevant information.


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