Salesforce Authenticator makes it easy to use two-factor authentication for all of your accounts. Choose to authenticate with the push of a button or use a one-time code and use your location for automated two-factor responses. All of the security of two-factor with none of the hassle.

Push-based two-factor authetication


My role on the Mobile Authentication team was as their lead designer and researcher. This small team of four engineers and a product manager was in Austin, TX, and myself and our writer were in San Francisco, making good communication key to this project's success. Together we delivered mobile and wearable experiences for iOS, Android, Apple Watch and Android Wear that makes strong authentication easy on our users.

Use Cases & Personas

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As a user, I want to increase the security of my accounts with an easy to setup and effortless experience so that I can have confidence that my data is safe from bad actors.

A fun part of this project was supporting apps on the iPhone, Apple Watch, Android devices and Android Wear watches. Each platform has its strengths, and it was fun to explore new form factors and interaction patterns.

When you log in to a product using our two-factor APIs, instead of needing to go to your phone to retrieve a code from a text message or app, you'll get a notification asking you to approve your login. When you toggle-on the option "Always approve from this location", the next time you login from that place, we'll see that you're in a trusted place and will log you in without asking for your approval.

When a notification comes in, we give you the most important information on a small screen to let you make the right decision.

I love the round design of the Moto 360. This was my first smartwatch, and now I'm on to the next iteration. I immediately wanted to use edges of the watch face to compliment the code timers.

If you're an Apple user, you can approve login attempts directly from your wrist. I used Apple design patterns for the layout so the experience feels organic and immediately familiar.

The new Authenticator app lets you to use two-factor with a push of a button rather than a one-time code and can be automated based on you geolocation. So now, if you're logging in to Salesforce every day from your home, you can set your address as a trusted location in the app. The next time you log in, instead of us asking you for a confirmation, we'll automatically say yes on your behalf.


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