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Einstein Search

Einstein Search is the evolution of CRM search. Users can interact with actionable previews of their instant results, ask questions in natural language, search for listviews, and learn about new features and search best practices. All with personalized results based on how you use Salesforce.


Principal UX Designer


UX Design, UI Design, Moderated Usability Testing, Product Roadmap


4 Teams, 3 Product Managers, 24 Engineers, 1 Designer, 1 User Researcher, 1 Doc Writer


Einstein Search augments the user's ability to find their data with rich and actionable previews of their instant results, the ability to ask questions in natural language, and through built-in user assistance that shares tips and best practices.



Keyboard Demo

To achieve the new design, we needed to change the base component from a combobox to a dialog, causing the interaction to change significantly.


Welcome Mat

To announce the new functionality to our users, we used a welcome mat with simple language and a preview of the new UI.


Best Practices & Tips

As search functionality improves, it's hard for users to keep up-to-date with all of the changes. Now we have a place to announce new features and give search tips.


Query Suggestions & Instant Results

Query suggestions give quick access to their query history and help to guide the user to queries that might help them find the results they need.

Instant results allow users to search their most used record types so they can find the right information without executing a full search.


Actionable Result Previews

Users can find more detailed previews of their instant results and take action directly from the search panel.


Efficient Actions

The action that the user takes keeps them in their current context to accelerate their task completion while not disrupting their original context.


Best Result

When we have high confidence that we know the record you're most likely to be looking for, we promote that in the UI as a recommended result.


Conceptual Queries

Users can move beyond keyword searching with conceptual queries. Now you can ask Salesforce questions and find answers directly in Lightning.



We explored many options before narrowing the designs down to what we thought was the most feasible. From a full-page immersive experience to a command-line interface, we wanted to test the boundaries of what was possible.




Sales Cloud Deal Closer


Logging calls, email, and notes. Entering new Leads & Opportunities, updating existing Accounts, Opportunities & Contacts.

Salesforce Strengths

Staying organized, ease of use

Working Style

With customers ~60%, Remote ~40%

As a Deal Closer, I need to quickly find my Accounts, Contacts, Files, and Opportunities, so that I can prep for meetings, update records and log calls, email, and notes.

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Service Cloud Case Solver


Troubleshooting customer issues, updating existing customer records, logging activities

Education Level

~65% college degree or some college, 22% graduate degree or some graduate school

Work Experience

42% 10+ years, 21% 6-10 years, 21% 3-5 years, 16% 0-2 years

As a Case Solver, I need to find Cases, Articles, and Files so that I can provide direct support to customers and solve escalated Cases.

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Problem Statements


I worked with our research team to usability test the new design, validate concepts, and learn about user needs through site visits, diary studies, and user interviews.


Customer Feedback

I worked with our product management team to directly speak to buyers to get feedback about feature concepts. I branded the mockups so that they could better visualize what the experience might be for them and their users.