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Einstein Voice Assistant

A conversational way to update, create, and read data in Salesforce.


UX Lead

Initial Delivery Time

1 Month


2 Product Managers, 18 Engineers, 1 Designer, 1 User Researcher, 1 CX Writer, 1 Accessibility Specialist



The Einstein Voice Assistant enables outside sales users with a conversational way to interact with their Salesforce data.

Key Persona


Sales Cloud Sales Leader


Viewing and creating reports and dashboards, customizing Salesforce, collaborating with colleagues

Mobile Usage

~50% of usage

Working Style

~50% remote, ~20% office, ~30% no customer contact

As a Sales Leader, while I'm on the road, I need to quickly input information after my meetings so that I can record data when it's freshest in my mind.


An account executive just got out of a meeting and needs to update the status of a deal and create a contact for someone new at the company.

End User Experience

Personalized Home

The homepage displays the last meeting from the rep's calendar and gives follow-up actions that they can take.

Conversational Updates

The rep taps on the "Update Event" button and tells Einstein how the meeting went.


Einstein confirms the information he collected before saving the record.

Suggested Actions

After Einstein saves the record, he suggests actions that the rep might want to do next.

Sharing Context

Einstein can remember information about the action just completed and share context with follow-up tasks.

Multi-Turn Conversations

Einstein guides the rep through filling all required fields when creating the new record.

Admin Experience

Skill Builder

Admins can quickly create customized voice assistants for their company using clicks, not code.

Customizing Skills

Customize what Einstein should listen for, the filters he should apply, or relationships between records.

Tailored For Your Users

Assign custom assistants to profiles across your organization.

What problems were we solving?

  • Bundled actions in the Assistant were confusing to our users.
  • It wasn't clear what to do after tapping on a tile.
  • The experience didn't meet the mental model of a voice assistant.

How did we evaluate our solutions?

Concept Evaluation


Key Takeaways

Storyboard Study


Key Takeaways