Lightning Search

Search in Salesforce gets to know you as soon as you start to use the app and tailors your results to how you work. You can easily access search globally, quickly find your data with cross-entity typeahead and intelligently organized results.


My role as the lead UX designer was to work with cross-team PMs, engineers, writers, designers and researchers to create a search framework that meets the needs of our customers and supports business goals. My responsibilities included delivering interaction and interface design, conducting user interviews and usability testing and partnering with Search leadership to help define product roadmaps.

Use Cases & Personas

Sales Leader Deal Closer Pipeline Builder Trusted Advisor

As a Sales user, I need to quickly find my Accounts, Opportunities and Contacts so that I can close more deals, nurture customer relationships and generate new business.

Case Solver Expert Agent Field Dispatcher

As a Service user, I need to find the right Knowledge Articles, Cases and Files so that I can help customers troubleshoot their issues and retain their business.


Design is a shared goal, and collaboration with engineers, product managers, designers, and writers helps to unlock valuable ideas, considers different perspectives and creates shared ownership of the end-user experience.

Communication and planning keeps different members of the team aligned, helps to ensure that all use cases are considered and promotes collaboration and teamwork.

Product Designs

Some of our goals when designing search were to make each step of the process clear, efficient, and beautiful.

"I love the recent records. It helps me quickly get back to something I was just doing."

User Testing Participant

As the user types, instant results are returned that match the user's term. Matching characters are highlighted, helping the user know why a result was returned and where to look first. This helps users find what they're looking for ~40% of the time without ever executing a full search.

Top Results intelligently organizes and groups your results by record type, helping you find what you're looking for ~98% without ever needing to scroll.

Top Results is really easy to scan. I like how everything is grouped together..."

User Testing Participant

For more control, users can narrow their scope of search to a single record-type. This is especially powerful for users that know exactly what they're looking for.

After choosing to narrow the scope of your search, a "pill" is added to the input which can be cleared to return back to a global state.

Pre-filtering allows users to define specific criteria for their search to find only the results that matter most to them.

Snippets and highlighting guides the user to the most relevant content in their results.

"I love that the word I searched is highlighted. It lets me know exactly why something was returned and where I should look."

User Testing Participant

Many customers need to search data sources outside of Salesforce. Our customers often use many different tools in their roles, and giving them access to all of their data in one place helps them work more successfully.


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