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Mobile search allows users to find Salesforce data while on the go.


Lead UX Designer


UX Design, UI Design, Moderated Usability Testing, Design System Documentation


3 Teams, 3 Product Managers, 12+ Engineers, 1 Designer, 0 User Researchers, 1 Doc Writer

Problem Statement

  • Salesforce Mobile users are frequently out of the office meeting with customers, so making search easy to find and easy to use is critical to their success.
  • Search in the previous iteration of Salesforce Mobile was hard to discover.
  • Search results lacked navigation.
  • The result UI wasn't optimized for small viewports.
Recent Records on the Old Salesoforce1


Personas & Use Cases


Sales Cloud Sales Leader


Viewing and creating reports and dashboards, customizing Salesforce, collaborating with colleagues

Mobile Usage

~50% of usage

Working Style

~50% remote, ~20% office, ~30% no customer contact

As a Sales Leader, I'm often on the road and need to find my Accounts, Opportunities, and Contacts, so that I can connect with customers and build new business.

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Service Cloud Field Technician


Troubleshooting issues onsite, reviewing customer history, accessing manuals & articles, communicating with coworkers

Goals & Motivations

Love to fix things, working with hand and tools, empowered to work autonomously


Lack of phone service, not knowing customer history, not having the information needed to solve the problem

As a Field Technician, I need to find articles, documents and videos so that I can troubleshoot issues onsite, understand the context of the Case, and reach out to colleagues if I need support.

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Product Designs & Interactions

Default State

The search signifier can now be found in the header of the app, making discoverability easy.

Global Search in the Header

Recent Browsing History

When the user taps the search icon, they find records that were recently accessed on both mobile and desktop apps.

Mobile Search in Focus

Instant Results

Customers can type what they know of a records name to find instant results from their most used entities that match those characters. With the introduction of cross-entity typeahead, about 50% of searches never require the user to execute a full search.

Mobile Typeahead

Efficient Navigation

Now when a user lands on their search results, they can quickly navigate around without needing to scroll to hunt for their results. If you need to get back to where you just executed your query from, we've introduced a back button to make it easy.

Mobile Top Results

Find What You Need

If we didn't search for the right entity, you can easily find any searchable object in Salesforce.

Search Navigation Overflow Menu

Rich Layouts

Structured data tends to be easier to browse using labels and values, but unstructured data is more successful in other layouts. We use snippets of the article and highlighting to display the most relevant information about that result in a concise layout, and allow users to vote on the quality of an article, helping colleagues by providing valuable feedback about the result.

Rich Results

Empty Results

If your query returns no results, you're presented with a clear message and suggestions for next steps.

Mobile Empty Results