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The OnionShare website is a trusted location that lets you download & learn about the OnionShare app.


Volunteer UX Designer


Responsive Web Design,UX Design, UI Design, Moderated Usability Testing

Project Overview

I remember reading about OnionShare in Wired in 2014 shortly after the Snowden revelations. I thought it was an innovative solution using Tor technology and it stuck in my mind. I don't know what led me to reach out to Micah, but when I found his Signal number on Twitter I thought to send him a text and offer to contribute to the project.

I started with a usability audit of the app and a refresh of the website. After some initial exploration and collaboration with Micah, I forked the GitHub repository, wrote the markup and CSS, and submitted a pull request! Shortly after, the pull request was merged and our work was live! Open source for the win!

Problem Statement

The OnionShare website was dense and hard to scan, the design was dated, and had opportunities to show more information that would be valuable to the user.

OnionShare's original website


Personas & Use Cases

The Journalist

As a Journalist, I need to download and learn about tools that can keep sources and whistleblowers safe, so that I can receive files from while protecting their privacy.

The Whistleblower

As a Whistleblower, I need to learn about and download tools that I can use to privately send files to journalists, so that I can legal or ethical issues without bringing any risk to myself.

Product Designs & Interactions


When someone visits the site, important information is displayed above the fold, giving users access to a primary call-to-action, as well as a way to learn more about the app.



Downloads now show the user icons for their operating systems, helping to immediately recognize where they need to look, rather than reading lots of text.


Learn More

OnionShare has had some pretty great press coverage, and surfacing content from those articles helps communicate the context and value of the app.


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