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Password-less Login

Password-less login makes starting your day enjoyable.


UX Lead


UX Design, UI Design, Product Roadmap


3 Product Managers, 6 Engineers, 1 Designer, 1 User Researcher, 1 Doc Writer


Password-less login enables users who opt-in to only enter their username to authenticate into Salesforce. Using push-based login approvals and automated responses, users can dramatically simplify starting their workday.


After logging in, the user is presented with a screen that allows them to opt-in to password-less login. This page was styled to differentiate itself from other pages in the login flows with larger typography and more visual elements.



When the user opts into password-less login, an enablement prompt is pushed to their Salesforce Authenticator app.


Login Approval

The next time the user logs in, a login approval prompt is pushed to their Authenticator App.


User Switcher

When the user returns to the login page, and there are active or inactive user sessions, an icon indicator tells them which accounts have password-less login enabled.


User Flow

This feature required many touchpoints to make it successful. Creating a flow helped the team visualize our approach, and helped me account for all of the different screens that needed to be designed.



Process & Collaboration

Product Requirements

I worked closely with three product managers to define the MVP requirements for password-less login.


Problem Statements

Personas & Use Cases

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Salesforce Users

Sales Cloud Activities

Training reps, prepping for meetings, closing deals and answering inbound leads

Service Cloud Activities

Providing direct customer support, solving cases, creating and updating Knowledge articles

Admin Activities

Creating page layouts, custom fields, workflow rules, and approval processes.

As a Salesforce user, I need to log in to Salesforce quickly while not compromising my account security, so that I can reduce the steps I need to take when starting my day.

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We wanted to differentiate this flow from the rest of the login pages so that it would stand out to users. One of the key elements to experiment with was the UI text.