Search Pre-Filtering

Call-center agents need to context switch constantly throughout their days, and they need a flexible search experience that allows them to find tailored results for their customers changing needs. Pre-filtering allows agents to quickly define specific search criteria so they can help their customers find the solutions they need.


I was the UX lead on this project and was responsible for working with product managers, engineers and designers on the Search and Service Cloud teams to create a system for allowing customers to create custom pre-filtering criteria on an entity-by-entity basis. My responsibilities included user interface design, interaction design and user research.

Use Cases & Personas

Case Solver Expert Agent Field Dispatcher

As a Service user, I need to set criteria before I search so that I can quickly find the right Article that will help solve my customer's issue.


I love research and my design process consistently includes concept validation and usability testing so that we know what we're shipping will be of value to our users.

Task Completion from Usability Testing

My responsibilities include writing research plans & discussion guides, conducting user interviews and running usability testing sessions with our target users.

Product Designs

Users can type the name of the record they want to find pre-scoping shortcuts that allow them to narrow their search to the record type that matters most.

After choosing to limit your search to a specific entity your recent records narrow as well, making typeahead records focused and easier to navigate.

For service agents that need to specify detailed criteria for their search, they have the ability to pre-filter their search, with the flexibility to modify it quickly with the changing needs of their customers.

The UI guides the user to action by activating the Save button when a filter has been selected.

After selecting the criteria for the search, the user's recent records reflect their options.

Typeahead results return with the filters that were set.

Results are returned with snippets and highlighting, allowing the user to scan their results more efficiently with less noise.


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