Signal Desktop

The Signal desktop client is a Chrome app that allows users to chat on their personal computers with the Signal contacts on their phones. Signal is developed by Open Whisper Systems and offers privacy and security through encrypted texting and phone calls.

The Signal mobile app is available on iOS and Android. Open Whisper Systems is funded through supporter donations and by the Open Technology Fund.


I volunteered with Open Whisper Systems because privacy and security are topics I care about, and their app, Signal, is the foremost leader in the secure messaging space. I helped the team redesign their desktop app, a tool that allows users to securely chat with Signal contacts on their phone.


I primarily worked with Lilia, the engineer working on the desktop client, and Moxie, the founder of the organization, to bring the app into alignment with their mobile experience, to improve general usability issues and to create app store graphical assets and fundraising collateral.

Signal on the desktop offers a clean and intuitive interface that allows you to quickly register and begin chatting with your friends.

"The overall-design now feels much more mature!"

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When I started volunteering, I found that the first version of the app had a fairly large feature gap and divergent design system from the mobile apps.

"Signal Desktop 0.5 is SO sexy!"

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After the initial design update, we updated the app store images with messaging that aligned with the language on the website.

"Really took a huge lead forward with looks and design. I love having ALL my contacts visible in the list regardless of conversation history"

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