Zinio Digital Newsstand

Zinio makes global journalism accessible to everyone with an internet connection. I was their mobile designer and worked on smartphone and tablet apps for iOS, Android, Windows and RIM.

Like walking up to a real magazine rack, I wanted using the app to be highly visual feel editorial. Users can easy browse genres and get free previews of any publication.

Successful typography & editorial layouts relies on grid systems, and I wanted the tablet UI to adopt this principle.

The grid system adapted well to the Windows tablet experience, making a low friction transition when moving from device to device.

This explores how Windows News could use Zinio content to provide a highly visual experience to their users.

Zinio had three main types of content for their users: magazines, free articles, and curated collections of articles. Each category had four ways to render content in the grid system, which put together created a seamless stream of editorial content.

The Zinio hub gives the user a rich view of the different sections of the app. You can see your history, find what your friends are reading on different social networks, discover new free articles and access your Library.

Android gives some additional ways to use apps with widgets. It's a great opportunity to visually show a user content available to them.


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