Glenn Sorrentino

A Private Google Camera with CalyxOS & Datura Firewall

🔥 Get the benefits of Google's camera, but without the surveillance.

June 20, 2021


Modern phone cameras are amazing. Shallow depth of field, wide-angle, nighttime photography... 🤤 For CalyxOS users, the camera that ships by default isn't the camera that you'd find on stock Android. Users that want the most up-to-date Google Camera app will need to download it from APKMirror.

For people concerned about the privacy impacts of Google gathering metadata about their photos, the team at The Calyx Institute recently shipped the Datura Firewall, an app that allows users to control how individual apps connect to the internet. Options for background access, wifi, mobile, and VPN data are all controllable by the user. So you can now benefit from the Google Camera features without sending any information back to Google!

After downloading and installing the app, go to the Firewall app and search for "camera". You can turn off all connectivity with the top toggle, or you can open the accordion for more granular options.

Questions? Find me on Twitter at @glennsorrentino.